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  • GREEN COFFEE 180  tablets

    Green coffee

    Green coffee has been used for centuries for its beneficial properties. It has antioxidant effects and, thanks to its tonic action and metabolic support, may be used as an adjuvant to low-calorie diet...

  • Immunitymix


    Coneflower supports body's natural defences. It also maintains the well-being of the urinary tract and the proper functioning of the upper respiratory tract....

  • PROTECT 100 g powder


    Refreshing and moisture-absorption sprinkling powder, with white clay and mineral salts (bismuth, calcium and magnesium), provides relief to sensitive and reddened skin....

  • Shampoo with chamomile

    Shampoo with chamomile

    Cleaning shampoo suitable for all types of hair, even the most fragile and delicate one. It contains soothing and softening extracts of chamomile, green tea, centella, essential oils of German and Rom...

  • SILIVIS 180  tablets


    Horsetail and bamboo support healthy nails and hair. Horsetail can also promote tophism of connective tissues, drainage of body fluids and a properly functioning urinary tract. Bamboo and knotgrass im...

  • ABACUVIS 10 ml


    A blend of 100% essential oils with balsamic and fluidising effect, distilled from 22 aromatic plants....

  • AC CREAM 50 ml

    AC - cream

    Skin cleansing cream, rich in astringent, toning and purifying plant extracts, with soothing natural oils, essential oils and vitamins. Suitable for oily and impure skin with dilated pores, blackheads...

  • AC-MILK 250 ml

    AC - milk

    Skin cleansing cream, rich in astringent, toning and purifying plant extracts, with soothing natural oils, essential oils and vitamins. Designed for cleaning oily and impure skin with dilated pores, b...

  • CARROT PLUS 360 g powder

    Carrot Plus

    Food supplement based on carrot, minerals and vitamins. Carrot, marigold, zinc and vitamins A and B12 promote the maintenance of normal vision. Zinc, copper and vitamins B2 and C, along with manganese...



    Herbal supplement with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Green tea, damiana, ginseng, guarana and cola perform, along with green coffee, eleutherococcus, muira puama and astragalus, a general to...

  • REALVIS-T  60  tablets


    Herbal supplement containing fresh royal jelly, minerals and vitamins. Golden root, suma, damiana, muira puama and ginseng have a tonic effect useful for fighting off physical and mental fatigue. Sib...


    Echinacea Titrated Extract

    Coneflower helps the body's natural defences and supports the upper respiratory tract function. Furthermore, it supports the urinary tract function....

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