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« Asian coinleaf (Centella asiatica) … is considered a brain tonic, able to increase memory and intellectual skills … in children suffering from various types of retardation. Administering Asian coinleaf for 12 weeks will significantly improve the ability to concentrate and focus the attention …» [1].  

«Ginseng (Panax ginseng) … is a physical stimulant and acts like a psychotropic substance, … resulting in improvement in mental performance (level of vigilance, mnemonic activity, verbal fluency) as well as physical performance, having noted a marked improvement on tests of anaerobic type…» [2].  

«Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) … is considered an herb that increases vital energy and blood vessels …» [3].  

«Codonopsis pilosula … increases energy and helps the body to adapt to efforts, … enhances stress tolerance and maintains a sense of vigilance, … improves vitality and helps balance the metabolic function. It is a remedy that helps revive the whole body …» [4].  

«Phosphorus is especially necessary for children and teen-agers for the building of healthy bones, teeth and muscles, for study and sports activities » [5]. 

«Phosphoserine is metabolised into phosphatidylserine, which is the major brain phospholipid. It enhances acetylcholine release, memory and the age-related changes in the brain » [6]. 

«A deficiency of Glutamic Acid can cause a slight increase in ammonia levels, generating fatigue, confusion, inability to concentrate and exaggerated mood swings»[7].


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