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Endocrine apparatus

The endocrine system is composed of a series of glands and cells sharing the same function: to send hormonal "messages" to the different body districts (organs and tissues) in order to regulate various bodily functions.

Pituitary is the most important human endocrine gland: it secretes hormones that are of paramount importance to body growth, and others such as prolactin, on which the secretion of breast milk depends, or TSH, which regulates thyroid activity, just to mention a few; in addition to it, the other components of the endocrine glands are thyroid, thymus, parathyroids, endocrine pancreas, adrenal glands and gonads.

The endocrine system is characterised by a very complex operation, the regulation of which is particularly articulated in order to meet the needs of the organism in a perfect manner. Every single hormone is produced and issued on the basis of specific stimulating or inhibiting factors, by each relevant gland, and then reaches the "target cell" through the bloodstream, or, if these are close, by diffusion.
A deficiency of hormones or hormonal imbalances can cause various diseases, some of them even very serious, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Notwithstanding that the perfect efficiency of all the endocrine glands is critical to body health, a very delicate role in the endocrine system is played by the thyroid gland: it helps regulate the body's metabolism and also directly influences skeletal and brain development. A severe deficiency of thyroid hormones can indeed lead to the onset of the so-called cretinism. A valuable aid to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland (in the absence of specific problems for which it is always good to consult a medical specialist), may come from an integration with specific products.
In particular, supplements containing selenium and iodine, substances that can contribute to the smooth functioning of this gland, may prove helpful; the second in particular, besides contributing to the regular production of hormones by the thyroid, can support energy metabolism, cognitive function and the normal functioning of the nervous system.

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