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Male reproductive system

The male reproductive system consists of a set of organs responsible for the production of sex hormones and gametes (spermatozoa), as well as the expulsion of urine collected in the bladder.
This includes the testicles, contained within the scrotum, the penis, the sperm ducts and the prostate.

The testicles carry out the fundamental reproductive function of spermatogenesis, and secretion of male sex hormones (such as testosterone).

Among the glands of the male genital apparatus, an essential role is played by the prostate, responsible for the production of prostatic fluid, which, pouring into the urethra and joining other excretes, gives rise to the seminal fluid; its secretions are also regulated by the hormones produced by the testicles.

The prostate gland is traversed by the urethra, a channel responsible for conveying urine and semen to the outside. The contraction of the sphincter muscles, located close to the prostate, affect urination and ejaculation.

The well-being of male genitals plays of course an essential role for reproductive purposes and may be affected by various factors, both internal and external to the organism.
The same hormonal balance and testosterone levels in the blood, can be influenced by drugs, incorrect lifestyles or, simply, stress factors.

In the absence of specific diseases, a valid support to male fertility and for maintaining correct levels of testosterone in the blood can come from an integration of zinc and selenium: the first is useful in supporting the normal male fertility and reproduction, while maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood, while the second can stimulate spermatogenesis.
To enhance the action of these two minerals, in the formulation of some supplements is also exploited the synergistic action of mineral salts, vitamins and other nutrients.
Specifically, a support to reduce physical and mental fatigue can be provided by the presence of herbs with a tonic action such as damiana, muira puama, ginseng, kola and suma.

Given the role it plays in the production of seminal fluid, the well-being of the prostate is critical to maintain perfect health in the male genitalia and protect fertility in general.
For a proper functioning of the prostate gland, the intake of supplements containing fireweed, nettle roots or saw palmetto may prove useful; the latter, like the leaves of nettle, can also facilitate the drainage of body fluids and the well-being of the urinary tract.

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