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Respiratory apparatus

All the cells in our body need energy, which is produced in the mitochondria, where the so-called "cellular breathing" takes place.
In order for this reaction to occur, it needs glucose and oxygen: the first is introduced by means of food, the second by means of the respiration process.
The epicentre of the respiratory apparatus are lungs, whose function is essentially that of carrying the oxygen to the blood, and to expel carbon dioxide generated from the metabolic activity.
Other anatomical parts that make up the respiratory system are the upper airways (nose, pharynx and larynx) and lower ones (which include, besides lungs, trachea and bronchi). The first are responsible for ventilation (i.e. the passage of air or gas, both to the lungs and to the outside). Bronchial tubes are instead located at the end of both tracheal branches and their function is essentially that of allowing inspired air to reach both lungs, after passing through the pharynx, larynx and trachea.
To be able to "breathe well", each of these components must function efficiently. Just a trivial inflammation or occlusion of the upper airway may cause more or less accentuated discomfort in the process of ventilation. 

In the absence of specific diseases (for which it is always better to consult the doctor), to prevent hassles and maintain the general health of the air tract, especially in Winter, or during changes of season, it is possible to use specific supplements. Dr Giorgini provides a range of products specifically designed for the well-being of the respiratory tract and to meet different needs. Besides the quality of formulations, it is necessary to emphasize the variety of formats: from quintessence sprays, to classical liquid and tablet format, to T.M.G.s For the formulations, we have used plants with specific balsamic properties, such as gumplant, eucalyptus, mint, myrtle or cedar of Lebanon, alone or in synergy with others like coneflower, niaouli, cajuput and tea tree oil, more specific to facilitate the the respiratory tract function. To promote the free flow of bronchial secretions, are finally used specific plants such as horehound, elecampane or beech.

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