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Body cosmetics

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  1. ABACUVIS 10 ml


    100% pure and natural essential oil blend with balsamic and fluidising effect, distilled from 20 aromatic plants.
    Available formats 10 ml

  2. ALOE GEL 125 ml

    Aloe Gel

    Soothing gel containing fresh aloe juice, enriched with emollient olive and flax oils, vitamins A and E, for a restorative action. Suitable for irritated, reddened skin or in the case of minor burns and scalds.
    Available formats 125 ml

  3. AMALGAVIS 10 ml


    Cosmetic useful for the hygiene and beauty of the skin with blemishes such as warts, verrucas, corns and "soft corns".
    Available formats 10 ml

  4. ARGAN OIL 50 ml

    Argan oil

    Argan oil, obtained by cold squeezing the seeds, has beneficial regenerating, firming, antioxidant, soothing and nourishing properties for the skin and hair. It regenerates the skin of your face and body while helping fight off skin blemishes (dry skin, wrinkles, small scars and stretch marks) and gives shine to dry and damaged hair. Argan oil is absorbed quickly and gives the skin a pleasant feeling of smoothness and softness.
    Available formats 50 ml

  5. ARNICA GEL 50 ml

    Arnica Gel

    Calming and soothing gel, made from arnica, flaxseed and black currant oils, lavender essential oil and fresh, embryonic or meristematic tissues of horse chestnut, chestnut, service tree and blueberry. It promotes a calming effect, giving relief and soothing skin blemishes caused by minor injuries (ecchymosis, bruises, contusions, muscle strains, sprains, chilblains).
    Available formats 50 ml


    Asian coinleaf gel

    Gel based on Asian coinleaf, enriched with vitamins A, B5, C, E, flax oil and evening primrose and embryonicor meristematic tissues of horse chestnut. Useful for improving microcirculation while counteracting the unsightly appearance of cellulite and the formation of stretch marks; helps improve the appearance of small scars, gives relief from varicose veins, oedemas, itching and reduces the feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs.
    Available formats 125 ml

  7. BODY CREAM 250 ml

    Body cream

    Moisturising and elasticising body cream.With shea butter and emollient oils of sweet almonds, avocado and flax; restorative active ingredients such as allantoin, vitamins (A, B5, C and E) and hyaluronic acid; scented with stimulating and toning essential oils.It leaves your skin soft and smooth, helping maintain the natural elasticity of the tissues and prevent the onset of stretch marks.
    Available formats 250 ml

  8. THISTLEVIS 500 ml


    Lotion with a decongestant, protective and regenerating action, based on aloe juice and allantoin, with extracts of astringent and soothing plants for the skin. It helps restore the proper balance of irritated, fragile, thin skin, susceptible to abrasions and appearance of redness. The application on sensitive or stressed parts can help counteract the formation of lesions or ulcerations.
    Available formats 500 ml

  9. Cellulite Stop

    Cellulite Stop

    Gel specifically designed to combat the unsightly effects of cellulite, based on extracts of centella, ivy, pineapple and fresh embryonic or meristematic tissues of horse chestnut, useful for draining, fighting off water retention and strengthening the walls of the various blood vessels; caffeine and extracts of kelp and green coffee, recommended for stimulating lipolytic activity; emollient almond oil, essential oils, for toning up and reactivating circulation, vitamins and other nutrients with a synergistic action. Applied regularly, it helps improve your skin appearance, toning it and promoting a slimming action.

  10. CICATRIZ 10 g powder


    Powder containing zinc oxide, tannic acid, bismuth subnitrate, vitamin A, allantoin and flavonoids (rutin and hesperidin). It can be useful for restoring the structural integrity of the skin subjected to stress, supporting the physiological processes of tissue repair and counteracting the formation of lesions.
    Available formats 10 g

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