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Cosmetics for hair care

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  1. ALOPECY 100 ml


    Hair lotion made from essential oils with a toning and restorative effect, with added vitamins E, A and C with nourishing and reinvigorating properties. It stimulates and activates the scalp, helping new hair growth while preventing excessive hair loss.
    Available formats 100 ml

  2. Ginseng shampoo

    Ginseng shampoo

    Tonic, energising and stimulating! It is not just a shampoo for all hair types, but also a mild and high quality cleanser for hands and body.

  3. Hair cream

    Hair cream

    Toning cream to improve your hairs' growth, get it really soft and shiny. With tocopherol, panthenol, keratin and silk proteins, it nourishes the hair bulb, restoring vitality and fighting off split ends and hair dullness. Scented only with natural essential oil of western sandalwood.

  4. Lecithin shampoo

    Lecithin shampoo

    Restructuring shampoo suitable for dry and brittle hair, rich in active and repairing ingredients such as lecithin, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E), flaxseed oil, amino acids and safflower extracts. It strengthens the hair structure giving it volume and elasticity. Scented with toning, natural essential oils of lemon, nutmeg and ginger, it stimulates hair growth and vitality.

  5. LICEVIS 125 ml


    Antimicrobial and film-forming sanitising lotion for the treatment of hair and scalp,with extracts of quassia and feverfew, hemp oil, neem oil and essential oil of tansy. Preserves the balance of the scalp, protecting it from external aggressions and creating an unfavourable environment for the proliferation of possible pests (lice, ticks, etc. ...).
    Available formats 125 ml

  6. Nettle shampoo

    Nettle shampoo

    Strengthening shampoo for fragile hair, with soothing and invigorating nettle and sage extracts; enriched with potassium, magnesium and vitamins B5 or panthenol, B6, C, E, biotin and folic acid. Scented with natural essential oil of Patchouli, it leaves a pleasant feeling of well-being on the scalp.

  7. Oily hair and dandruff shampoo

    Oily hair and dandruff shampoo

    Sulphur-based shampoo with anti-seborrhoeic and anti-dandruff properties useful for combating dandruff desquamation and slowing down the production of scalp greese, without blocking the pores. Containing panthenol, minerals and essential oils with toning action, it stimulates the scalp to produce new cells.

  8. PURE CASTOR OIL 200 ml

    Pure castor oil

    Thanks to its emollient, moisturising and conditioning action, castor oil can be useful if applied to skin and hair to maintain their natural elasticity and softness.
    Available formats 200 ml

  9. Shampoo with chamomile

    Shampoo with chamomile

    Cleaning shampoo suitable for all types of hair, even the most fragile and delicate one. It contains soothing and softening extracts of chamomile, green tea, centella, essential oils of German and Roman chamomile, sea salt and panthenol. It leaves your hair soft while promoting a pleasant feeling of calm and relaxation.

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9 Item(s)

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