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Antioxidant supplements

Natural supplements containing substances useful for limiting the action of free radicals and oxidative stress of face and body cells, responsible for their premature ageing.

All the cells in our body need oxygen, which, if on one side, is an essential element to keep us alive, on the other is also a major source of free radical production.

This "paradox" makes it clear that the process of "ageing" is from a certain point of view, inevitable. Indeed, free radicals, accumulating through the human body, act as cell "killers", generating the so-called "oxidative stress". In some cases, then, stress, wrong food habits and external agents may worsen the negative effects and have implications for our general wellness; these "damages" are often evident even on the outside and visible on skin, nails and hair.

It is shown that some substances (green tea, pomegranate, E, B and C-group vitamins, trace elements such as copper and selenium), introduced through a healthy diet or through supplements, are able to counteract oxidative stress and therefore the harmful action of free radicals.

Dr Giorgini has developed a range of products that take advantage of the antioxidant power of these natural substances, in synergy with vitamins and other nutrients to enhance their effectiveness.

The concentration and quality of raw materials used for manufacturing these products is a further guarantee for the consumer looking for a supplement with beneficial antioxidants and “protective” functions.

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  1. DETOXIGEN 125 tablets


    Food supplement containing amino acids, glutathione, selenium, and vitamins. In particular, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E help protect cells from oxidative stress.
    Available formats 50 g

  2. HEALTHY CELLS 100 tablets

    Healthy cells

    Herbal supplement fortified with vitamins and other nutrients. Dog rose, rosemary, acerola, sage and thyme have an antioxidant effect and, combined with vitamins B2, C and E, help protect cells from oxidative stress. Furthermore, phosphorus promotes the function of cell membranes, folic acid takes part in the process of cell division and biotin helps maintain healthy skin, hair and normal mucous membranes.
    Available formats 40 g

  3. LONGEVI-TEA 225  tablets


    Herbal supplement containing coenzyme Q10, glutathione, minerals and vitamins. Green tea, white tea, oolong tea and black tea exert a tonic action useful for fighting off physical and mental fatigue, promote the drainage of body fluids and, along with zinc, copper, selenium and vitamins B2, C and E, help protect cells from oxidative stress.
    Available formats 90 g

  4. PAPAVIS 175  tablets


    Food supplement containing papaya, pineapple and other nutrients. Papaya has antioxidant properties, supports the immune system function and, in combination with pineapple, fennel, cinnamon and cloves, promotes digestive function. Furthermore, pineapple stimulates microcirculation and drainage of body fluids, counteracting the feeling of heavy legs and cellulite-derived skin imperfections.
    Available formats 70 g

  5. Potassium Ascorbate

    Potassium Ascorbate

    Food supplement based on potassium ascorbate, an alkaline and non-acid form of vitamin C, enriched with ribose. Vitamin C has many properties: it supports energy metabolism preventing tiredness and fatigue; it protects cells from oxidative stress and regenerates the reduced form of vitamin E; it contributes to normal immune system function, healthy nervous system and psychological functions; it supports collagen formation and helps maintain normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, skin, teeth and gums; it supports iron absorption.


    Supreme pomegranate

    Food supplement made from pomegranates, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Pomegranate, tomato, dog rose and acerola have beneficial antioxidant properties that contribute, along with zinc, manganese, copper, selenium and vitamins B2, C and E to protect cells from oxidative stress*.
    Available formats 40 g

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