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Men's health

Natural supplements designed for Men: with useful substances that help support prostate and urinary tract health, or with plants and nutrients that may work as "tonics for men" or promote fertility and normal testosterone levels.

A healthy prostate is very important for maintaining men's fertility and general well-being. This gland is indeed responsible for the production and secretion of substances that are useful to the whole body, including the prostate fluid, an essential component of the seminal fluid. Located below the bladder, the prostate gland is traversed by urethra, the channel appointed to carry out urine and seminal liquid towards the outside.

From these observations it is easy to understand why keeping this gland in good health, together with a proper hormonal balance, is essential for the general well-being of men and their ability to reproduce.

In the absence of specific diseases (for which it is always essential to consult and obtain medical support), supplementing some nutrients, such as zinc, by means of food or of specific products, can be a valuable aid. This chemical element can actually perform a useful counteracting function on the negative effects of free radicals and generally stimulate the immune system; its presence in the human body is also required for proper functioning of many hormones and normal synthesis of DNA and proteins. Zinc can finally support male fertility maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood.

Supplementing other nutrients, such as fireweed, nettle roots and saw palmetto, may be useful for improving prostate function; saw palmetto can also support urinary tract health and promote drainage of body fluids.

Finally, in times of stress and general fatigue, herbal products with tonic effects, such as Damiana, Catuaba, Ginseng, Kola and Suma, can prove useful in reducing physical and mental fatigue.
Supplementation through a set of products containing these nutrients, which can act in synergy, can therefore be a good solution to maintain or regain men's health (notwithstanding the need to consult your doctor in case of specific diseases, doubts, or prolonged use).

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